Our approach is simple and leaves our clients embracing change & fostering innovation, enabling them to be more successful, stronger and better equipped to drive and thrive in their environment.

Capstone International offers world class programmes in the development of people and organisations. To make things simple, we have split our Services into three areas:

Transforming Organisations and Culture
Developing Mindsets & Capability
Performance tools

Transforming organisations and cultures

Capstone International can help facilitate your leaders and managers to clarify the strategic direction and plan for the organisation.

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If process engineering or IT system changes are required, we have partners whose sole focus is to manage these aspects.

1. Clarifying strategic intent

  • The direction the organisation wants to take
  • The urgency in which it needs to move
  • The will or committment of the top team to start and finish the journey

2. Define the future state

  • What will the organisation look, sound and feel like and what it will have achieved?
  • How will the brand be positioned and perceived?
  • What mindset is needed to take the organisation to this point?

3. Confirm the current state

  • What is the organisation like now and what are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are its capabilities, values and culture (the internal brand of the organisation)?

4. Create the Change Plan

  • What must happen to reshape, restructure and renew the organisation to be successful?
  • What culture do we need?
  • How will it keep the values that are strengths whilst adopting new ones?
  • What competencies and capabilities do we need in our people?
  • What processes and technology will we need?

5. Communicating, Leading and Managing the Change

  • Provide regular communication to guide, inform and encourage implementation
  • Recognise and reward success
  • Developing Leaders, Managers and Coaches to guide people through the change

The first and most important issue in leading organisations forward is the creation of a compelling vision and a clear strategy for the organisation to follow. Capstone International helps Leaders and top teams to clarify and articulate their strategic intent, providing a framework for making decisions that can be cascaded through the organisation.

Our approach includes:

  • Top team workshops that create a clear vision and future state for the organisation
  • Driving aligned thinking from the top, confirming priorities and confronting what the organisation must stop doing
  • Challenging the mindset, will and commitment of the leadership to create the necessary change
  • Helping you to articulate a strategy that maximizes your advantage whilst playing to your organisation’s strengths
  • Creating an innovative environment for your ideas to flourish

For many CEOs, it is not the market conditions or their organisation’s core capabilities / structure that present the biggest challenge, but the culture. Engaging the hearts and minds of your people in a new way, creating truly innovative environments and developing a climate that exists to execute new ideas is the key to sustained growth.

We can help you to:

  • Clarify the culture & values you need to deliver your strategy and support long term success
  • Understand and build cultural alignment into your strategic plan
  • Re-engage your people by aligning organisational and personal values
  • Identify the key practices & behaviours that create culture and drive team performance
  • Reinforce the new culture through management decisions, actions, recognition and reward

At Capstone International we help you to deal with the Head and Heart of change, enabling you to plan and manage the implementation of change whilst developing and retaining the culture you need to take your key people with you.

In developing your organisation, we can help you to:

  • Create a roadmap to your goal, integrating the different parts of change into one plan
  • Structure and shape your organisation for success, making it fit for purpose
  • Design and implement culture change, establishing and creating the culture you need
  • Help you resource the change internally & externally, putting the right people in the right places
  • Develop your leadership & management capability, up-skilling your key people to maximise potential
Developing mindsets & capability

The training world is littered with poor examples where the development of skills and capabilities have fallen short. How many previous development activities have you engaged in where the end result has not led to increased application and performance?

At Capstone International we recognise that the journey to developing world-class performance begins with mindset.

To have a real edge and make a difference, development solutions must challenge the mindset and drive the accountability of individuals whilst providing practical models and tools to resolve the real issues individuals face. Simply transferring knowledge to managers on its own, will not result in performance improvement. Rather, to achieve this, a mindset shift is required to enable individuals to see themselves as leaders, managers, coaches and influencers, rather than professionals or specialists within the organisation.

Do you have the leaders you need in your organisation? People who 'get' the strategy, think ahead, provide meaning and direction when the way forward is unclear and who motivate your people to deliver? Capstone International can enable your Leaders and Managers to make a bigger difference.

Below are five things you should know about our Leadership Programmes:

  • We will inspire your Leaders & Managers to raise their game by focusing on mindset first
  • We combine leading thinking with practical application to address the specific challenges facing your organisation
  • We use an accelerated learning approach to communicate messages quickly and with real impact
  • Our direct feedback will stretch your most talented players and reach even the most cynical of your managers
  • We ensure that a reinforcement plan is integrated into the design of every programme to embed learning

The 5 things you should know about our approach to developing teams are:/p>

  • We classify teams into one of three categories: Start-Up, Tune-Up or Turn-Around – Knowing where a team is helps to determine the kind of intervention needed to make the essential difference
  • We focus firstly on the mindset of the team and leader, for this is the single most important factor in determining success
  • We use our proven range of Team Performance Accelerator tools to highlight successes, cut to the heart of the challenges facing the team, prioritise development actions and track the improvement of the team’s climate and performance over time
  • By creating events that combine the resolution of real business issues with the development of team dynamics, the team(s) and organisation benefits immediately
  • We view developing high performance teams as a process not an event and ensure that reinforcement actions are integrated into the process

In a recent assessment by a Global Investment Bank of over 50 Executive Coaches from leading Coaching providers in the UK, the 5 Capstone International Coaches involved were all included and ranked in the top 6!

If you have read about our approach to other aspects of development, you will be expecting to learn 5 things about our approach to Executive Coaching. Here they are:

  • We believe in using coaches who are also business professionals, bringing a wide range and depth of experience, a non-directive approach and a deep commitment to and capability in developing others
  • We create a framework of Public and Private goals, supported by 3-way meetings (with the Executive’s Manager) at the start and end of each intervention to ensure that the individual and organisation can measure the results
  • We provide different packages of coaching to suit the individual and organisation. These range from:
    • Individual Package for Executives: 6 sessions each up to 3 hours in length
    • Multiple Executive Package: A package for up to 3 Executives who share the same coach
    • Telephone Package: 2 hour Coaching for remote or geographically separate executives
    • Multiple Telephone Package: 1 hour, focused telephone coaching sessions for up to 6 executives to reinforce leadership and team development programmes
  • We use Chemistry to ensure the right fit and interim review meetings to ensure a high level of engagement throughout
  • We will be up front about successes and let you know if you are wasting your money

Performance tools

Our Capstone Insight business provides a range of Performance Accelerator tools that support and drive individual, team and organisational development. You can use our tools to support your development activities and to track the development of individuals and teams performance over time.

Our tools are web-based, enabling easy access for local and global organisations and you have a choice to use our tried and tested models of individual and team performance, or tailor the tools to fit your organisation’s values and competencies.

Our Accelerator Range includes:

  • Individual Performance Accelerators: Providing 360 degrees insights into the style and approach of professionals and leaders
  • Team Performance Accelerators: Providing critical insights into the climate and performance of teams and in turn the climate of the organisation.
For individuals
For teams

Capstone Insight provide proven and tailored web-enabled 360 / 270 / 180 degree feedback reports to support the development of talent in your organisation.

360i Our core Leadership feedback tool:

360i enables you to use a tried and tested leadership competency model to measure the effectiveness of individuals, helping them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their working style and its impact on the performance of the people and teams around them.

Our 360i:

  • Provides you with a comprehensive report giving critical insights into a Leader’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to our Core Operating Styles model: Leading, Managing, Coaching, Influencing, Doing, and the Core which includes Emotional Intelligence and the Heart of the leader
  • Allows 20 respondents to contribute including up to 2 Managers, multiple Direct Reports and Peers
  • Provides incisive qualitative commentary to support measures of competence
  • Enables individuals to track their progress between one measure and the next
  • Integrates with our Team Performance Accelerator tools

360i Individual feedback tailored to your Leadership framework, values or competencies:

  • Web pages and 360 report fully tailored with your brand and logo
  • All the flexibility of the 360i report
  • Ability to rapidly create multiple questionnaires for different purposes and groups within your organisation
  • Enables individuals to track their progress between one measure and the next
  • Ability to compare results across your organisation through the creation of normative groups

Our world-class software system enables your people to:

  • Access the system wherever they are in the world via the internet
  • Tailor and launch 360 feedback tools, to suit your organisation’s values or competencies within 24 hours
  • Fully brand your web-pages and reports with your own colours and logo
  • Set up their own respondents and fully automate the completion and reminder process
  • Have an automated coaching session to debrief 360 results (Available later this year)

The Performance Accelerator range has been designed to help organisations and teams to understand their climate and create measurable step changes in performance. Our Performance Accelerators keep teams focused on the factors that deliver results and track their progress over time.

Web-based input and simple insightful reporting makes this an essential tool for the leaders of co-located and virtual teams in today's complex working environments.

Typical Uses for the Performance Accelerators

  • Measuring team climate and performance
  • Reviewing team strengths and areas for development
  • Setting improvement agendas and priorities by team, department and / or region
  • Comparing and contrasting climates across teams
  • Gaining insights into key organisational issues
  • Tracking progress over time

The Performance Accelerator Models

The Process

  • Determine the outputs you want from the process
  • Communicate intentions to use tool and its purpose
  • Identify teams and set up the key questions
  • We send the welcome invitations and login details
  • Team members complete questionnaires
  • Facilitate reviews with each team
  • Start with Management team
  • Consolidate action plans
  • Review outcomes with management team
  • Agree next re-measure

What you get in the report

  • A high level bar chart showing the 5 dimensions of team performance
  • A radar chart that provides a picture of all 16 elements
  • Quantitative data providing detailed insights into the results
  • Qualitative comments provide specific examples and ideas on what needs to change