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Every business is unique because the people at the heart of the organisation are unique. We work with a broad range of businesses in both Private and Public sectors and go that extra mile to tailor your solution, making it effective in a way thats right for you.

We don't just talk a good talk about interventions, we help you action and implement them to get the results you need. Capstone and its team of highly skilled consultants excel at developing organisations and the people and teams within them.

Developing the capability of your leaders and teams and helping you facilitate change

Focusing and aligning the mindset and performance of your leaders and managers

Helping you to clarify your strategic intent and define your vision, goals, culture and organisational design (size and shape)

Tools that measure performance and develop talent

Our values

Our values are not just aspirational concepts. They drive the way we work, within Capstone International and with our clients. They are qualities that we truly believe in and work hard to live up to.

Changing the way leaders think and behave requires passion and we have it in abundance. Passion for our clients, what they are trying to achieve and for helping them break out of the thinking that keeps them where they are.

We believe that integrity is essential if individuals, teams and organisations are to face reality and improve their performance. Taking people on a journey that enables them to change themselves and their organisations requires courageous challenge, insight and reinforcement actions to make changes permanent.

All of our interventions are rooted in the commercial aspirations of our clients. We bring and create the focus and accountability you need for sustained growth. Every contribution matters and effective coordination and teamwork are key to the success of all high performance organisations.

Overall, we are driven by a simple belief - that by doing what we do, we can make the essential difference necessary for your business to succeed in a modern world.


Capstone International stands on the three pillars of people, potential and performance. We understand that performance is achieved through people, delivered through the unleashing of potential. Consultancy requires passion and for all at Capstone International, our passion to make a difference extends beyond our clients to also include people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Funded by 10% of company profits, The Capstone Initiative supports people who have very little or no opportunity to develop the potential they were born with, beginning with enabling those very lives to be lived.

People feel valued when they are able to make a contribution to the community of which they are part. The Capstone Initiative mobilises others to make a difference - choosing to give a hand-up rather than a hand-out to those in need.

Kisumu Orphanage
During 2006 / 2007, Capstone Initiative gave in the region of £35,000 to the work of the Barbara Orphanage.

This enabled a Kenyan Pastor and his team to grow redundant walls into a finished building and onto the housing, feeding and educating of local orphans.

Here are some of the photos which catalogued the progress. The final image was taken when our colleague Simon Bryant, flew out for the opening of the orphanage.

Cherish Uganda
cherish uganda logo

Cherish Uganda exists to restore life and provide hope and a future for children living with HIV in Uganda. While there are over 3000 children’s organizations in Uganda; Cherish Uganda is one of only two which focus on the HIV positive child.

Cherish Uganda has 3 ministries:

  1. AKALOOSA VILLAGE: Akaloosa Village is made up of seven homes that provide holistic care for HIV positive children. Here, children are provided with nurturing care, a well-rounded diet, HIV medical treatment, spiritual care, an education, and a loving community.
  2. HOPE ACADEMY: Hope Academy opened in 2011 and extends Cherish’s reach to include over 230 of the moot vulnerable children in the surrounding community in addition to the children living on-site at Akaloosa Village.
  3. HOPE HOSPITAL: Hope Hospital is Cherish’s newest development, giving the organization an opportunity to serve its community with quality healthcare and health education.

Children are brought to Cherish in dire health conditions and through the ministries their physical, emotional and spiritual lives are radically transformed.

Capstone International have been partnering with Cherish Uganda since they bought their initial plot of land near Lake Victoria and continue to be excited to support the growing work of this organisation as they enrich their community while diminishing the social stigma HIV positive children face.

Hope for the family Romania

Since 1998 Hope for the Family (Romania) Trust has been supporting deprived and abandoned children in Romania. They have a keen focus on enabling families to stay together and become self-sustaining. They tackle issues of abandonment, family support & reintegration, family planning, education, safe homes for special needs children, medical aid and operations.

There is an interesting story and purpose behind every project, child or family that the charity helps. Here are just a few of the many projects:

  • Sponsorship for the salary of two auxiliary nurses working in the state orphanages.
  • Water wells installed in the centre of two Roma community villages.
  • Two Second Chance school projects to enable those who had missed out on early education to obtain qualifying certificates so they could obtain official employment.
  • Purchasing a mini bus for transportation of the children with special needs
  • A heart operation arranged and funded for a boy with a life-limiting heart disease
  • A cochlear implant for a boy with a serious hearing impediment.

Our colleague Heidi Rogers has twice visited the area. She has seen the work of Emmanuel Hospice with children who have a terminal illness, visited children who are fostered in Caminul Felix, assisted on projects with Roma children & adults, and spent time at Safe Homes which was established to take care of children with special needs who had been abandoned. Heidi was particularly impressed by the dedicated team of staff and specialist who give love and care to rehabilitate these children from the physiological damage that they previously suffered from being institutionalised in state orphanages.

Our People

  • Nick Davies

    Managing Director
    Capstone International

  • Heidi Rogers

    Chief Operating Officer
    Capstone International

  • Simon Bryant

    Insightful Edge

Some of the other people that Capstone International works with

Join us

Capstone International is always on the look-out for bright, enthusiastic consultants and coaches. We are a keen bunch of people who love the thought of over-delivering beyond expectation for our clients, so aside from having a sense of humour and being a team player, you must also

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  • Have at least 5 years experience of training delivery, ideally with interpersonal and management skills emphasis.
  • Have a track record of success in improving business performance
  • Bring a fresh and energising approach to client companies
  • Have a challenging yet engaging edge in the way you connect and work with clients
  • Have the gravitas and experience in working with senior managers.
  • Be comfortable leading a team of associates on projects, as required.